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How To Make An Awesome Gaming Logo For Your YouTube Channel

(Updated July 28, 2020)

When you think about your favorite video game content creators like PewDiePie or Ninja, you think of their colorful personalities and gameplay. In some parts of your brain, you think about their visual identity, too.

The same plays out for other content creators, brands, and other businesses no matter how big or small they may be. Brand identity cultivates awareness, loyalty, and growth.  

If you are thinking of creating your YouTube channel dedicated to live streaming video games or creating epic gameplays, you will never go wrong with a video game logo design. 

According to Google’s internal data, this is important for content creators in an industry with the viewership of the 2018 Super Bowl. The market is saturated, and newcomers may find it challenging to be seen.

A gaming logo encapsulates who you are as a gamer. Like other forms of branding, an epic logo will make your channel memorable. And no, it isn’t difficult nor expensive to get one. Follow these simple steps, and you are good to go:

  • Step 1: Generate the logo design
  • Step 2: Customise the design
  • Step 3: Download your logo

Creating A Video Game Youtuber Logo

To give you a more comprehensive guide on how to do this, we have created a step-by-step guide. After reading this article, you can increase your chances of connecting with your community. So, are you ready to learn the basics of logo design?

Step 1: Generate the logo design

In seconds you can start browsing emblems that are designed to make you stand out. 

Head over to BrandCrowd’s landing page and enter your channel name on the ‘Business Name’ text box. You can enter your keyword on the text box below the ‘Search Logo Designs’. Ensure that the option ‘Logo Maker’ is on the drop-down menu and click the ‘Search Logos’ button.

Search Video Game Logos

Doing this will let you see how your name looks like when put on different logo options. Every design in the gallery will contain your channel or brand name. This helps users visualize their identity further and make the best decisions. 

Scroll through the selection until you find your logo design. If you still need more options, you can also check out their mascot logo, ninja logo clan logo, and eSport logo. The gallery has tons of logo design templates and ideas on display. 

Once you have found your logo, click on it to head over the customization page.

Astronaut Gaming Logo

For this tutorial, we are using the Astronaut Gaming Logo as an example. The logo design is perfect for our example Youtube channel, which will be: Cosmo Gamer. The themes coincide with each other to help represent an identity. A good gaming logo represents who you are and lets people know what type of content they can expect from you. Try to think about this when selecting your own logo. 

Once you are at the customization page, you can now start customizing the logo based on your design preference.

Step 2: Customise the design

BrandCrowd’s customizing page has a lot of options for you to edit your chosen logo design. As the brand or business owner, you can choose from a wide variety of colors, fonts, and layouts to complete your desired design.

Edit Text Box

You can start customizing your logo for free by typing in your brand name or channel name on the text box. If you don’t like the default font, you can change it by clicking on the drop-down box and select from the given fonts. You can also click the ‘See Options to take you to a menu of font options with a preview of how the font will look on the logo.

Background Color Edit

If the background color does not compliment your channel’s main color, you can also change it by going to the ‘Background’ tab and clicking on the color of your choice. The image will automatically adapt to the color that you will choose.

Change Logo Color

Like the background, the logo’s image color can also be altered. You can add your brand colors using the logo maker. You can even use gradients to add depth to the illustration.

Pro tip: Use color to your advantage

Different hues and shades do more than just lead eyes to your logo. They also symbolize different human traits and shape the way audiences see you. For example, the color red is associated with aggressiveness while the color orange represents positivity. You can use color psychology to add more meaning to your logo. 

Once you are all set tweaking the colors and combinations, you can check out how the logo will look on selected merchandise using the ‘Preview’ button at the upper right corner of your screen.

Video Gamer Logo Preview

This preview will give you a quick glimpse of the finished product. If you don’t like it and want a little adjustment to your design, you can edit the logo just the way you want it to look like on your screen, on shirts, or your business card.

Step 3: Download your logo

After completing all your design requirements and specifications, you can either go back to the design later or download it immediately.

There are two ways to purchase your logo: buy the Standard Licence or buy the Exclusive Licence. Buying one of the licenses gives you the right to the design.

The Standard Licence allows you to use the design, but the original logo design will still be available at the BrandCrowd gallery. On the other hand, the Exclusive Licence will give you exclusive rights to use the logo. The design you purchase will no longer be available for anyone to use. Check out BrandCrowd’s Client Contract to learn more.



Do You Need Help With Your Video Game Logo?

We get it. The DIY design doesn’t work for everyone. As an alternative, you can start working with professionals to execute the design process for you.

Through a logo design contest, you can work with DesignCrowd’s community of professionals who will be more than happy to give you a custom-made video game logo for your YouTube channel or Twitch channel logo. You’ll receive lots of fresh ideas from logo designers around the world and take the best one as your brand’s representation.

Are you ready to start building up your online presence? Work on your video game logo today!

Loot more design knowledge here:



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